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George D. Kovacs, MD is an industry leader and pioneer for Cosmetic Gynecology and holds affiliations with Memorial Hospital of Gardena, Southern California Hospital at Culver City, and Marina Del Rey Cedars Sinai Hospital. With over 30 years providing gynecological and cosmetic procedures to the Los Angeles area, George D. Kovacs, MD is an expert on women's care. The physicians and medical staff on-site are board certified, versed in the latest medical innovations, and hold extensive experience dealing with the complex and delicate female reproductive system.

George D. Kovacs, MD offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures on-site in Hawthorne, CA. Complete with a state of the art, board certified Surgery Center, patients can feel confident that they are receiving the best medical care available.

Dr. Kovacs and his staff firmly believe that every woman deserves to feel secure and content in her own skin and through cosmetic gynecology women can gain more confidence, improved sexual intimacy, and healthy and happy sex life.


He’s a very kind and caring doctor and I would definitely recommend seeing him for any medical service that he offers. He’s great :)
— Irena V. - Yelp reviewer